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Monday, December 9, 2019

Do this before booking movie tickets

This is a small technique that actually takes less than 10 minutes to learn.
How can we book an extra movie seat for free?
Instance: You’re booking tickets for a movie in bookmyshow or paytm or a similar website, and one of the people who’s coming with you is not sure that he/she will be able to make it to the movie. Let’s say you’re booking tickets for 5, and one person may or may not join you. But if he/she joins later, you can watch the movie sitting together if you learn this technique.
When you’re booking tickets, instead of selecting the seats like this
select your seats like this
or like this
The thing is, there is a very good chance that the single-seat will not get booked as generally most people don’t go to the movie alone. So, if your friend is joining you at the last minute, you can select that remaining (hopefully) single-seat and you can watch the movie together without risking your money.
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